Thayer Cueter L.V.T.: Founder / President

Mission Statement:

To educate our members and the general public about the husbandry of amphibians and reptiles, and take an active role in the preservation and conservation of herpteofauna.

Just Frogs Toads Too! Foundation was founded in 2008 and is a registered nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to the rescue of unwanted amphibian and reptiles and to herpetological education.

Just Frogs Toads Too & Friends Amphibian Center is supported through specialty gift sales, donations, private contributions, and supportive efforts through off sight events.

Just Frogs Amphibian Center is organized and managed by a small staff of volunteers, some of which are Board of Directors. They are all key players within the association.

Just Frogs Toads Too Foundation is always open to new candidates for its Board of Directors and volunteer staff that have interests in grant writing, fundraising, marketing, finance, retail and animal care.
  • March 1998 - Just Frogs Toads Too! - Gift Store opened in Edmonds.
  • June 2008 – Just Frogs Gallery of frog collectibles were displayed in Snohomish WA, until January 31, 2009.
  • October 2008 – Just Frogs Toads Too Foundation was founded.
  • August 2009 - Just Frogs Amphibian Center opened in Edmonds, WA.
  • September 2016 - Frogs and Friends Mobile Services launched out of Edmonds, WA.
  • September 2017 - Frogs and Friends Gift Center opens in CJN Miniatures & More.
  • April 2018 - Frogs and Friends Gift Center closed due to building fire. See article


History of Just Frogs Toads Too!

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We at Just Frogs Foundation would like to join in the honor of acknowledging the loss of a fellow frog lover.
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